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This is extremely pleasing to the eye! Wow. I absolutely LOVE everything I see here. Especially the rug and the table

Very elegant. I enjoy this. 

Very elegant. I enjoy this. 

Sometimes I see things and think, do people truly decorate this way? 

The answer is quite obviously, Yes. Yes, they do. 

Someone threw up. All over this room. Everywhere. This is like the inside of a woman’s stomach on the night of her Bachelorette party. SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! …wow.

half these pillows are useless… once again - people and their damn pillows..

This room is beautiful. Everything about it… But one thing I have never understood.. Throw pillows. Do you know what I think every time I see throw pillows? “THROW THEM ON THE DAMN FLOOR” .. and that’s exactly what I do.

This is like… waiting room furniture. WHO would purchase this couch for their home!? WHO!? Someone who hates themselves and life.. That’s who! 

The wall is neat.. : )